We are a bilingual creative team based in Tokyo

Whether you’re searching for your ideal casting, or creating a stunning new video, the runAway group has you covered. We are proud of our diversity and constantly striving to bring a better service to our clients.

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CASTING & Influencer Marketing

Dn Casting have been supporting Japan’s most exciting projects for almost a decade. We work with Japan’s top talent and are now very proud to be specializing in influencer marketing.

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We created an entire adventure travel TV series throughout Japan and broadcast it with NHK World and J Sports channels. In between our own adventures, our amazing team of creatives are helping other brands realize their video goals.

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Dn Casting was founded by Dean Newcombe, an actor and long term resident of Japan. His goal was to create a new way of approaching casting in Japan, which is extremely efficient and leads to the best possible castings being made for projects - generating the best possible final results.

We build lasting relationships and work with thousands of international and Japanese talents in Japan so that we can offer unique, committed and personal casting services to domestic clients within Japan and international clients creating content in Japan, or with Japanese cast.


Influencer Marketing

We are proud to be personally connected with most of the top influencers in Japan. We are casting anyone from 'micro influencer' level up to those with a million followers and beyond.



Dn Casting offers casting services for Models, Actors, MC's, Presenters, Narrators, Voice Actors, Dancers, Singers, Musicians, Choreographers, Comedians, Entertainers and Extras.



We are a bilingual company casting foreigners of all races in Japan, as well as Japanese natives and 'Hafu' (biracial) talent. We also scout and bring talent from overseas.


Celebrity and Sports

We cast celebrities in Japan and work with incredible athletes and sporting professionals who can represent your brand.

runAway: Sole of Japan - Season 1

We created Japan’s first adventure travel TV show! We called it runAway: Sole of Japan and it sent Dean and a team of foreigners on a journey which took them to their physical limits!

The same creative team is now using its talent to bring new video productions, specializing in anything travel, outdoor and adventure in Japan!


An unprecedented 50 day journey

Our TV show went beyond anything you may have previously seen. We went in search of the ‘Soul of Japan’, and did so by physical means alone - Cycling, kayaking and running from the peak of Mount Fuji to the remote Shimane Prefecture.


NHK WORLD & J Sports

We produce broadcast quality content. Our 11 episodes from Season 1 were broadcast around the world on NHK World and in Japan through J Sports.


A Talented Team of Creatives

From Writing and Production to Videography and Editing, we cover all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production tasks to realize a total video project.



Our entire first series can now be seen on YouTube. Expect more YouTube productions and celebrity collaborations in the near future!